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Name: Alix Taylor
Qualification: Business Administration
18 year-old Alix Taylor from Chatham joined IPS International in July 2015 as a Business Development Administrator.
After studying Double IT and Business Studies, he joined as an apprentice to complete a Level 2 qualification in Business Administration, looking to build a career in this field.

I was always interested in Business from sixth form and I wanted to pursue a career in this industry. I decided to choose an apprenticeship over university because I wanted to earn as I learned and felt I would gain more experience.

IPS offered plenty of support and guidance in order to help me achieve my diploma and I was able to progress at a rate that suited me. The staff’s wealth of experience within the industry has helped me progress through the qualification and always provided support.

I do not feel as if I was given enough guidance in relation to different options for further education. However, I do feel this is improving now. I do not know many other people who went on to do apprenticeships. The majority of people still choose to go to University which I believe could be influenced by parents and teachers.

The job role has been challenging but, overall, it has been rewarding and really helped me to mature in a busy working environment. When one of my colleagues left our department, I took on a lot more demanding responsibilities within the company, which brought on more challenges in my job. This has helped me to develop as a professional and has also prepared me for other high pressured situations that may occur.

Alix Taylor

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