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IPS can support your company to recruit and train its manufacturing-based apprentices…

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IPS’s manufacturing courses can help train your apprentices for a variety of signmaking, warehouse and logistical roles.

We offer construction qualifications in the following:


Improving Operational Performance

Level 2

IPS’s Intermediate Improving Operational Performance apprenticeships provide learners with the skills need to become a trained operator in the manufacturing sector. Our learners can go on to develop their roles in a variety of fields, including CNC operations, process operations, manufacturing process operations and materials handling. Our learners are also taught how to comply with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements.

Logistics Operations

Level 3

The Logistics Operations apprenticeship with IPS helps learners gain the skills and knowledge to effectively work with the movement, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing and logistics workplace. Learners will gain experience in general warehouse operational activities, overseeing customer orders and their distribution, delegating responsibility and working to ensure tasks are completed on time. This qualification will help learners to be qualified as distribution managers or team leaders.


Level 2

Signmaking courses with IPS can help support your learner to gain a variety of skills in the signmaking process, including graphic design, electrical engineering. Learners will work with a variety of materials including vinyl, plastic, metal, glass and perspex. As well as preparation of signage, learners will also learn about the best practice of sign installation.

Level 3

The advanced Signmaking apprenticeship with IPS will help learners progress with their skills and knowledge working in the signmaking industry. This course builds upon the Level 2 qualification , covering the monitoring and maintaining health and safety; creating, developing and maintaining effective working relationships; and receiving, interpreting and confirming instructions.

Warehouse Operations

Level 2

IPS offers Warehousing and Storage training and apprenticeships, which cover the movement and storage of goods, preparing individuals for warehouse operative job roles. Our intermediate course covers a range of learning, from processing orders, working with large equipment to workplace maintenance and health and safety.

Contact our Business Development team to speak to one of our experienced consultants who can help discuss your training and recruitment needs.

IPS Apprenticeships will ensure your apprenticeship position is effectively advertised, posting your vacancy on platforms such as the DirectGov Find an Apprenticeship website. We will shortlist and suggest suitable applicants to you, saving your company the headache of recruitment.

Once you have recruited your apprentice, IPS will help the individual to achieve their qualification, building the skills necessary for your business.

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