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Health and Social Care

IPS can help develop your apprentices to provide excellent support in a variety of care-based roles…

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Hiring an apprentice in Health and Social Care can provide your company with a motivated candidate who can develop the skills and knowledge to prove successful in their role.

Our Health & Social Care training provides our learners with a versatile range of skills that will be relevant to the work you do at your company. Topics we cover include:

● Safeguarding and protection
● Health and safety
● Handling information
● Understanding mental wellbeing and mental health
● Dementia Awareness
● Principles of Infection Prevention and Control
● Working with individuals with learning disabilities
● Working with individuals with physical disabilities


Health and Social Care

Level 2

IPS offers training to support learners looking to build careers in both the health care and social care fields. The learners will be trained to support individuals with a range of different needs, such as frailty, mental health issues or illness. Our intermediate apprentices can train for a variety of roles, including healthcare assistant and home support worker positions.

Level 3

IPS’s advanced Health and Social Care apprenticeships support people looking to confirm competence for those working in a variety of care and health based roles. Learners will gain the necessary skills to promote communication, engage in personal development and implement duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s services. Learners can specialise their qualification to work with people with dementia or adults with learning disabilities.

Level 5

The level 5 apprenticeship provides the skills and knowledge needed to manage and leading others in a health and social care setting. This course covers aspects such as safeguarding and protection, managing care services, as well as developing best practice and policy. Entrants to the Level 5 apprenticeship will be employers that have some responsibility in the management of the workplace.

Contact our Business Development team to speak to one of our experienced consultants who can help discuss your training and recruitment needs.

IPS Apprenticeships will ensure your apprenticeship position is effectively advertised, posting your vacancy on platforms such as the DirectGov Find an Apprenticeship website. We will shortlist and suggest suitable applicants to you, saving your company the headache of recruitment.

Once you have recruited your apprentice, IPS will help the individual to achieve their qualification, building the skills necessary for your business.

IPS also offer commercial training courses for companies looking to upskill their staff. Our sister website contains details for all of our Health and Social Care training courses including information about our diverse range of distance courses. Please click here to find out more.

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