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IPS can help train apprentices in a range of maintenance operations fields, as well as in fabrication…

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IPS Apprenticeships can help you recruit and train the construction apprentice you need to support the growth of your company.

Our construction trainers can help train apprentices in the following fields:
– Construction Maintenance
– Logistics Operations
– Fenestration
– Warehouse Operations

Maintenance Operations


The Level 2 Maintenance Operations apprenticeship with IPS offers learners the opportunity to learn a working knowledge of construction trades, helping to prepare them for careers within this industry.



The Intermediate level apprenticeship supports learners working with glass using a range of processes such as cutting and engraving,  as well as the manufacture and installation of windows and doors.


The advanced apprenticeship builds on, and develops, the skills gained in the intermediate level qualification and also offers a route to progressional opportunities in team leading and leading hand roles, as well as fenestration surveying.

Contact our Business Development team to speak to one of our experienced consultants who can help discuss your training and recruitment needs.

IPS Apprenticeships will ensure your apprenticeship position is effectively advertised, posting your vacancy on platforms such as the DirectGov Find an Apprenticeship website. We will shortlist and suggest suitable applicants to you, saving your company the headache of recruitment.

Once you have recruited your apprentice, IPS will help the individual to achieve their qualification, building the skills necessary for your business.

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