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IPS’s diverse range of qualifications cover mechanical and electrical specialisms, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.


IPS’s diverse range of qualifications cover mechanical and electrical specialisms, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

IPS’s engineering apprenticeships can provide you with the skills to build a career within this sector. The skills gained will help you be able to help solve problems in the real world, whether it’s working with mechanics, electricals or electronics.

Our engineering trainers have a wealth of experience working in the field that they are able to share with learners. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a supportive, inclusive service at IPS, with smaller class sizes enabling our learners to have more one-to-one time with the trainers.

Engineers are in demand and entry level jobs pay higher than many other industries, with opportunities for mechanical, electrical, electrical or software engineers within these industries. The majority of roles are to be found in SMEs but there are many opportunities to build careers in large companies too.

Our learners gain skills that can take them into a variety of area including the automobile, aerospace and marine industries. The learner can be involved in research or maintenance, or involved in the creative force behind inventions and discoveries.

By undergoing an engineering apprenticeship, our learners will be able to:

  • Work safely and effectively within engineering
  • Specialise in a particular field in which they wish to pursue
  • Learn necessary mathematics for engineering technicians
Engineering Manufacture




Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Engineering Leadership

Engineering Manufacture

Engineering Technical Support

Engineering Toolmaking

Engineering Woodworking, Pattern & Modelmaking

Installation & Commissioning

Marine – Ship Building, Maintenance & Repair

Marine – Yacht & Boat Building, Maintenance & Repair

Materials Processing & Finishing

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

There are two stages of training for an engineering apprenticeship with IPS:

  1. Initial Stage – This takes place ‘off the job’ and covers a broad base of practical skills, knowledge and understanding  of engineering as a craft and prepares an apprentice for further learning. This stage lasts for 10 months or can be shortened to 3 x 6 blocks.
  2. Post-Initial Stage – The remainder of your apprenticeship takes place ‘on site’ at your employers premises where you develop skills, knowledge and understanding of your company and gather your diploma.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are commonly needed for success in range of activities, whether in education, training, work or life in general.

The three primary functional skills units are:

  • English
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics

These units will require an external assessment test and must be successfully completed along with the Diploma.


Applicants should have a minimum of 4 GCSEs Grade C or above, including Maths, Combined Sciences and English.

You will be invited for an aptitude test which will assess you on the following:

  • Verbal Understanding
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Mechanical Concepts
  • Fault Diagnosis

Those who successfully pass the test will then be put forward to employers for an interview.

IPS also offers a range of commercial training courses in engineering for companies, including Electrical Multiskill, PAT Testing, Hydraulics and Puwer 98. Please click here to find out more.

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