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Business Skills

Gain office skills, experience and qualifications while you earn in full-time employment.

Business Skills

Gain office skills, experience, and qualifications while you earn in full time employment.

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Apprenticeships in business skills can help set you on track to a career in a wide range of office-based positions. Our courses would suit someone who is perhaps looking to build skills working with IT, is organised and enjoys working with other people. Our courses will help you to develop the skills and learn how businesses operate by giving you on-the-job experience and the relevant training.

The nature of the apprenticeship will depend on the needs of the employer but many roles are computer-based and require usage of word processing and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Apprentices will often be working with customers and clients, so customer service also plays a large role within our Business Skills courses.

We offer Business Skills qualifications in the following:

Business Administration

Level 2

Intermediate Business and Administration apprenticeships with IPS can give learners the training required to pursue Administrator, Office Junior, Receptionist or Junior Legal Secretary positions.

Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make sure things run smoothly – 97% of employers say that effective administration is essential to their business, so they do a crucial job. IPS will provide you with the training that will make you able to meet the day-to-day requirements of your job in Business Administration and ensure business practices run smoothly and to a high standard.

Level 3

Building upon the skills learners can pick up at intermediate level, the Advanced Business and Administration apprenticeships with IPS can give learners the training required to work in positions such as Administration Officer/Team Leader, Personal Assistant or Secretarial roles.

Customer Service

Level 2

Customer Service apprenticeships provide you with the knowledge and training to provide excellent customer service in the workplace, with the ability to go forward in a range of industries and job roles. Many apprentices will work in retail, financial services, call centres or hospitality companies. This intermediate course will prepare you for a variety of trainee, assistant, representative or agent level positions.

Level 3

This advanced course will prepare you for managerial, coordinator or team leader level positions. Learners will gain the skills to develop their customer service practices, build upon skills learned in the Level 2 qualification.

IT and Telecom Professionals

Level 2

IPS’s IT, Software, Web and Telecoms apprentices gain the skills required to effectively work within IT-based positions. Depending on what specialism you wish to pursue, an intermediate level qualification will train your the knowledge to set up new equipment or update systems, or to work with customers to identify, troubleshoot and address IT faults.

Level 3

Our Level 3 Diploma in IT & Telecom Professionals apprenticeship offers learners the opportunity to build upon the knowledge they developed from the Level 2 course. This includes the creation and amendment of many types of formatted information including documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations. It also includes maintaining simple websites, using the internet to find and exchange information and using social media to disseminate information.

An advanced level qualification will train your individual to set up new equipment or update systems, or train them to work with customers to identify, troubleshoot and address IT faults. Suitable job roles for apprentices on the advanced level may include IT Application Helpdesk Support workers, IT Supervisors or Website Managers.

IT Users

Level 2

IT Users apprenticeship with IPS provides learners with the competence, skills and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently with IT systems, communications and productivity tools and software applications. The Level 2 apprenticeship is suitable for learners who may be looking to work in data administration, entering and editing data using customer relationship management software. Learners may also work with accounts, working with payroll and stock control systems.It provides clear progress from those with little experience of ICT who may be directed in its use to those who can diagnose issues and use ICT to solve them.

Level 3

The Level 3 apprenticeship may have learners working as Website Managers, planning and contributing to designing websites, creating multimedia content for websites and working with IT professionals to build new sites. The qualification provides learning across a wide range of subjects that include a variety of software applications, setup and optimising computer systems and general use of ICT through three specific units in software, communication and user fundamentals that also map to Functional Skills ICT.


Level 2

IPS offer Recruitment apprenticeships for learners to prepare them and help them progress within a recruitment agency or other related companies. Learners will be trained in the various aspects of recruitment and helping match job vacancies with suitable employees.

Level 3

The Level 3 Recruitment apprenticeship with IPS is designed for Recruitment Consultants who have prior experience in the area, looking to build upon or demonstrate knowledge within their role. This qualification looks to support learners in various aspects of recruitment based positions, including working with employers to develop vacancies, advertising to prospective applicants and processing sent applications. Apprentices on this Level 3 course will be required to demonstrate the ability to complete tasks independently, organise activities and contribute to decision making.

Sales and Telesales

Level 2

Sales and Telesales apprentices play an integral role in helping companies to achieve sales, helping customers to buy the products or services that they require. IPS’s apprenticeships in Sales and Telesales equip learners with the skills and knowledge to progress in this field, covering all aspects of the sales process as well as customer relations. This intermediate apprentice will train learners to pursue Trainee Sales Advisor, Telesales Operator or Junior Sales Executive positions.

Team Leading and Management

Level 2 (Team Leading)

IPS offers apprenticeships in management to help those in or entering management roles ensure their places of work are ran effectively and maximise the potential of the business. The intermediate level apprenticeships offers training in monitoring work, giving feedback, briefing teams, supporting staff, resolving problems and ensuring effective customer service.

Level 3 (Management)

The advanced level apprenticeships offers training in planning, allocating tasks and monitoring the work of a team, supporting team members, managing conflict, resolving issues, project management, agreeing budgets and ensuring excellent customer service.

Level 5 (Management)

The higher level Management apprenticeship offers training in informing strategic decision making, managing budgets, planning and implementing change and leading teams. The course is aimed at middle managers with responsibility for determining resource allocation and operational methods in their department or organisation.

By taking a business skills course you can look to build a career in a range of job roles such as administration, sales, customer service or receptionist work. Employees with business skills are required across all industries so the qualification offers real flexibility in terms of career progression.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are commonly needed for success in a range of activities, whether in education, work or life in general.

The three primary functional skills qualifications are:

  • English (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics

These qualifications will require an external assessment test and must be successfully completed along with the Diploma.


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